is there snow in flagstaff tomorrow

Flagstaff enjoys four distinct seasons, each offering their own distinct climate. While famous for its abundant sunshine, Flagstaff also experiences high mountain temperatures in summertime and heavy snowfall throughout wintertime.

Drivers should remain aware and allow snowplows enough space in which to work. Each year, vehicles get stuck behind or even hit snow plows while trying to pass.


At 6,800 feet elevation, Flagstaff offers a refreshing retreat from the blistering desert heat. Its temperate climate enables hiking, mountain biking and camping activities year-round; in wintertime snow attracts skiers, snowboarders and ice skaters. As spring arrives with wildflower blooming across Coconino National Forest; wintertime visitors return for skiing/boarding/ice skating opportunities!

Flagstaff’s natural environment attracts outdoor enthusiasts from across the spectrum. Nestled beneath dormant volcano Mount Elden and framed by the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff provides an idyllic environment that draws hikers, climbers, and bikers of all kinds to its miles-high trail system crisscrossing ponderosa pine and leading to breathtaking vistas of its landscape. History lovers will relish discovering Route 66 heritage or studying Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument’s seismic topography close up close; while Northern Arizona University draws 25,000 students who contribute a youthful energy that gives this city much-needed youth.

The City’s parks and recreation facilities provide endless possibilities for play, from organized team sports such as softball and basketball, skating and disc golfing, to skating lessons at Flagstaff Nordic Center’s miles-long cross-country trails that are great for novice skiers. Residents also gather annually to ring in the New Year with an exciting countdown that culminates in a massive metal pinecone drop and celebrate life in beautiful Flagstaff!


Flagstaff serves as Arizona’s gateway to its highest mountains and pine forests, and Arizona Snowbowl, which usually opens between late-November and mid-June most years. Due to its higher elevation and cooler climate, Flagstaff makes for a year-round playground for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, camping, etc. In spring especially its ponderosa pine forests become especially picturesque, blooming with wildflowers under their trees.

Flagstaff was once known as “The Hippie Capital of America,” yet has seen significant economic development since the 1970s. Now boasting five industrial parks and major manufacturing facilities for Gore-Tex Medical and Nestle Purina Pet Care companies; in addition to hosting arts and cultural events like Pickin in the Pines bluegrass festival and classic 4th of July parade with fireworks show.

City streets boast 117 miles of bike lanes for cyclists to use and mountain biking trails throughout Coconino National Forest. Bike enthusiasts can explore both within the town’s paved path network and trails or venture out into nature and ride the Campbell Mesa trail system that features breathtaking loops shared with hikers and skiers during winter months, providing panoramic views of majestic peaks and lush forests.


Flagstaff, Arizona is an all-season destination surrounded by mountainous terrain and ponderosa pine forests, boasting an elevation of 7,000 feet. At such altitude and humidity levels, Flagstaff boasts excellent air quality; hiking and skiing trails in Coconino National Forest or Arizona Snowbowl offer excellent conditions. In addition to this, visitors can explore Humphreys Peak as well as explore Native American pueblo sites at Wupatki or Walnut Canyon national monuments.

Flagstaff, Arizona provides something for all kinds of travelers in Northern Arizona. History buffs can take an enjoyable self-guided tour along Historic Route 66 or learn about Lowell Observatory’s notable past in astronomy. Known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, Flagstaff has earned international recognition as an International Dark Sky City; one of only few cities globally to do so – its residents work tirelessly to protect its starry night skies from unwanted light pollution.

Flagstaff was initially founded by major players in the lumber and ranching industries, but today boasts five times as many jobs in management and professional services than extraction, construction and forestry combined. Visitors can enjoy sampling local brews by participating in the Flagstaff Ale Trail where they’ll get stamped in their passport with every brewery they visit – and earn themselves a complimentary pint glass at the end.


Flagstaff is an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise, boasting access to the legendary Coconino National Forest. Due to its higher elevation and thick forests, Flagstaff stays cooler year-round making it ideal for mountain biking, hiking, camping, or just relaxing with a good book.

Due to its proximity to iconic natural wonders like Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Meteor Crater, and Wupatki National Monument, Northern Arizona University serves as a center for scientific and high-tech research and development. Tourism plays an integral role in driving local economy while an emerging artisan and craft beer scene keeps things lively.

Brix and Whiskey River Brewing, along with numerous galleries showcasing unique and vibrant art scenes, provide dining and shopping options that satisfy both locals and tourists. Arizona Snowbowl also attracts many ski enthusiasts from around the country for winter skiing enthusiasts.

As well as offering a flourishing recreational culture, the city is also recognized as an International Dark Sky City due to its efforts in reducing light pollution. Stargazers love this natural phenomenon; an annual event commemorates this incredible natural event! When night falls, campfire smoke fills the air while piney notes become prominent.