has it snowed in flagstaff yet

Flagstaff, Arizona is an amazing place to call home. Boasting four distinct seasons and boasting an elevation of nearly one mile above Phoenix, this town provides much cooler temperatures throughout the year.

As one of the snowiest cities in the country, Denver boasts many mountains with fantastic hiking trails that beckon to be explored.


Flagstaff sits atop an elevation of over 7,000 feet and experiences precipitation that does not fall in lower-altitude areas, particularly snowfall that draws winter sports enthusiasts and allows them to take advantage of many natural resources in the area. Its website contains data on when and how much snowfall to expect during any given month in Flagstaff.

Last Friday, Arizona Snowbowl outside Flagstaff reported three-day precipitation totalling 2 feet with more expected. This has helped recharge underground aquifers and add storage capacity to Salt River Project reservoirs.

Recent snowfall has led to schools closing in Flagstaff and Prescott areas as well as closing of non-essential staff at NAU Mountain Campus. Many highways in Arizona have also been shut down.

Snowfall forecasts and road closure information are provided regularly by the city’s Department of Public Works. With 700 lane miles, 8 alley miles, 131 bike lanes and over 27000 driveways requiring plowing annually – equipment makes several trips every year to make sure all these roadways are plowed correctly based on a policy which establishes priorities and time frames for snow removal – this helps minimize traffic impacts during snow events.

Snow Depth

Flagstaff ranks among America’s snowiest cities with annual average snowfall exceeding 100 inches, boasting one of the highest concentrations of the San Francisco Peaks as its backdrop and offering world-class cross-country skiing and snowboarding as well as winter activities for all members of the family.

This season is shaping up to be an impressive one for the National Weather Service office in Flagstaff, as evidenced by an already stunning total of 146.7 inches at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport as of Friday – second only to 153.9 inches set back in 1948-49!

Flagstaff is on track to break its single-day snowfall record this winter, potentially reaching accumulations up to 10 inches per day in some locations. Major blizzards dumping 10+ inches typically hit six or seven times annually.

Heavy snowfall has forced highway closures and forced schools in the area to cancel classes, with approximately 12 highways closed at one point during its height but slowly opening back up over time. Snow plows are working hard to clear roads for those still needing to travel outside their homes.


Flagstaff is an increasingly popular winter getaway for both visitors and locals, situated at an elevation of over 7,000 feet with scenic mountains, pine forests and Arizona Snowbowl ski resort nearby. Wupatki National Monument features Native American pueblo sites.

Sledding in the city is legal and safe as long as you obey the law and stay off of roads. There are multiple sledding areas throughout the city offering various slopes – some paved while others constructed from natural materials like ice or snow – though major highways should not be used as they could incur fines for such activity.

Flagstaff Snow Park is your perfect sledding location if you are seeking organized sledding fun. There is an entrance fee, with everything from small kiddie hills to more challenging runs designed specifically for adults available here. Just keep in mind this area does not permit dogs so bear that in mind!

Crowley Pit Snow Play Area in Flagstaff offers another popular sledding spot and provides exceptional services to its visitors. Additionally, this spot is less crowded than some of the options mentioned above and ideal for families with young children.

Snow Reports

Flagstaff is an idyllic mountain town ideal for outdoor adventures. Snowfall transforms its hills into winter wonderlands while spring and autumn bring colorful aspen leaves and blooming wildflowers, making for idyllic hiking trails filled with blooming wildflowers and vibrant aspen leaves. Additionally, Flagstaff serves as an excellent location for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ice skating activities.

Its rich history is evident in its downtown historic district, home to trendy restaurants, craft breweries, and art galleries. Stargazers will enjoy stargazing under expansive skies; while local arts events like Pickin’ in the Pines bluegrass festival and rock concert held inside an Igloo provide inspiration and support to residents.

Flagstaff’s iconic downtown square plays host to an annual tree lighting ceremony and parade during the holidays, along with visits from Santa Claus himself. It’s also the ideal destination for romantic getaways as there are hotels and inns dedicated to couples in this region.

Flagstaff, Arizona lies in northern Arizona amidst mountains and desert landscapes with ponderosa pine forests, making it the gateway to San Francisco Peaks, Arizona Snowbowl ski resort, Wupatki National Monument with Native American pueblo sites, year-round cool weather and abundant natural landscapes all play a vital role in Flagstaff’s vibrant culture of recreation and arts. After exploring, thirsty souls can relax with an ale at one of Flagstaff’s many bars or breweries or join in an adventure like participating in its Flagstaff Ale Trail where participants collect stamps on a passport that shows them where everything can be found in town!