when is it going to snow in flagstaff

Flagstaff offers plenty of snowy trails for skiing and snowboarding alike; visit the Winter Recreation Snowplay Map or contact 1-844-256-SNOW for up-to-date travel information for winter travel.

At Arizona Nordic Village you can rent snowshoes, cross country skis and even stay overnight in a yurt to explore over miles of groomed trails.

Winter Activities

Flagstaff offers many winter activities for snow enthusiasts. Take a scenic gondola ride at Arizona Snowbowl ski resort for breathtaking mountain views or try skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing here – plus there are lots of stores in Flagstaff offering all of the equipment needed to have an awesome snow day outing!

Flagstaff offers several great places for sledding when snow arrives. Crowley Pit along Highway 180 (which often gets very crowded), Wing Mountain and Fort Tuthill all provide opportunities for snowy fun, or visit Flagstaff Nordic Village located at an old military base in north town for some outdoor sledding fun.

Before venturing out in the snow, always check the weather forecast and pack snowshoes, warm clothes and gloves as essential gear. Additionally, consider packing water and snacks in case temperatures dip unexpectedly as well as carrying a first aid kit with you for extended outdoor excursions.

If you plan to sled, please remember that it is illegal to sled on city streets or private property. Please stay off of roads and use designated sledding areas at local parks instead.


Flagstaff forests come alive when snow accumulates, turning into winter playgrounds that offer stunning snow-covered trees to marvel at and trails that provide perfect opportunities to explore on snowshoes.

The Arizona Nordic Village is one of the premier spots for snowshoeing in Flagstaff. Situated 7 miles north of town in Coconino National Forest, its trail system features miles of snow-covered paths where you might run into cross country skiers or backcountry yurts – as well as pine forest scenery with views of snow-capped San Francisco Peaks surrounding you.

Beginners should understand that falling while snowshoeing is common. This usually results from clipping your snowshoes together or becoming caught on something, but any falls should usually be soft enough not to cause injury. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear and check weather updates prior to heading out on any adventure.

Be sure to bring plenty of water, snacks and layers for snowshoeing – as the sun’s rays reflect off of white snow surfaces, sunscreen is especially essential here at almost 7000 feet elevation in Flagstaff where its effects are much stronger than at sea level. Consider wearing sunglasses or goggles and carrying enough sunscreen to cover your entire body as sun protection will be vital!


Sledding can be an enjoyable winter activity, yet can also be hazardous. By choosing an appropriate sled and adhering to safety tips, sledding can provide fun without risk of injuries.

If you want a safe place to sled, look for large hills that are devoid of rocks and other potential hazards, like roads or areas blocked off by parked cars; doing so may increase the chance of accidents occurring.

Sledding in Flagstaff city parks is another excellent way to enjoy snow sledding fun, providing your children with ample room to play in the snow while being safe from outside influences. Foxglenn Park, Thorpe Park and Buffalo Park are among the best parks for this activity.

Before venturing outside to sled, make sure everyone in your family has all of the appropriate gear – thermal base layers, fleece pants, snow pants, gloves, hats and boots will do nicely. In addition, make sure that each person on your team has an appropriate sled, designed specifically for children as these are safer and more durable than plastic ones.

Flagstaff Snow Park at Fort Tuthill County Park provides an engaging sledding experience with groomed tubing runs, kiddie hills and passive snow play opportunities. To find out more, visit their website or call their winter information hotline (1-844-256-SNOW).


Skiing can be great fun, but to ensure a positive experience it’s essential that you come prepared. Wearing suitable attire typically consists of wearing a base layer designed to keep you extra toasty while drawing sweat away from your body, an insulating jacket and pants combination, and waterproof outer layers – which usually includes waterproofing membranes as a last step in protection from moisture loss.

Bring along a helmet and goggles as these are essential safety items when skiing. In addition, gloves to keep hands warm should also be packed alongside shoes suitable for snow. Once on the slopes, remember your skill level and avoid overexerting yourself as overdoing it could result in injuries.

Beginners to skiing would benefit greatly from taking a lesson before heading out onto the slopes, as this can help them learn the fundamentals and sharpen their skills. A great place for newcomers to begin is Flagstaff Nordic Center located within Coconino National Forest which has many trails suitable for beginner skiers as well as lessons.