is it snowing in flagstaff arizona

Flagstaff is known as one of the snowiest cities in America, famous for its winter wonderland. Snowfall usually falls from November through March here; major blizzards that dump 10 inches or more typically only occur six times each year.

Each winter, City equipment plows over 700 lane miles and 8 miles of alleys across the City, including first priority areas that can be found on its Snow Operations page.

Winter Weather Advisory

Arizona State Troopers strongly urge drivers to remain off roadways, particularly those covered with snow or ice, especially during extreme cold snaps.

Weather in northern Arizona has created hazardous driving conditions, with numerous roadways closed due to winter weather. The National Weather Service Flagstaff Arizona issued a winter weather advisory for Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff and anticipates heavy snowfall accumulation of 2-3 inches at Grand Canyon Village and up to 6 inches at Flagstaff with more accumulation expected throughout Tuesday morning.

Arizona is bracing itself for an extraordinary winter storm, and the National Weather Service has issued several advisories as a result of it. A Heavy Snow Warning may be issued when snow accumulation of six inches or more within 12 hours is predicted, while Wind Chill ADVISORY could warn of dangerously low wind chill temperatures.

Flagstaff, Arizona weather is very variable depending on the season. November to March sees cold and snowy conditions with high winds and low humidity; summer brings scorching temperatures with frequent forest fire hazards; while monsoon season sees constant rain fall over several hours daily.

Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Warnings are more serious weather alerts than regular Winter Weather Advisories; they indicate hazardous winter conditions, such as snow or ice accumulation, are imminent or occuring and will have an impact on travel plans. They usually issue 12 to 36 hours prior to hazardous weather events occurring.

Winds are expected to be very strong, compounding with cold temperatures to create a dangerous traveling experience for travelers. Blizzard conditions will create blowing and drifting snow reducing visibility to less than one mile. Winds could also increase power outage due to downed trees or branches causing power outages; National Weather Service officials warned of their power being enough to bring down utility poles or power lines.

No matter the season, Flagstaff is an incredible city to visit. Snowfall attracts skiers and snowboarders; spring brings beautiful wildflower displays along its hiking trails; autumn turns the mountains into an abundance of vibrant hues – making Flagstaff an incredible city in any season!

Flagstaff is also committed to its residents’ safety. They have implemented a lighting code intended to reduce light pollution from the city and preserve stargazers’ views; indeed they are certified International Dark Sky Cities! So whether it is conquering your fear of heights or showing off to friends that you’re an adventurer; Flagstaff is the place for you.

Winter Weather Advisories

Flagstaff offers incredible four-season climate for an abundance of outdoor adventures – mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding or camping in the backcountry being top choices – but be wary as winter can pose dangerous conditions to drivers.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for motorists traveling in northern Arizona over the coming weekend and into early next week, due to snow and wind. Snow could create slippery road conditions on I-17 as well as other major roadways like SR-260 near Coconino County.

Winter Storm Warnings are issued when hazardous conditions are expected in an affected area and people should plan accordingly by following forecasts, prepping their vehicles for winter driving conditions and packing an emergency kit prior to travel. People who must drive should exercise extreme caution on roadsides while keeping an eye on road conditions; when feasible they should consider taking public transit.

Flagstaff residents and visitors typically spend their days exploring our natural resources like Lowell Observatory. From running or biking on our many local trails to ice climbing and mountain climbing – as well as stargazing with us being recognized as an International Dark-Sky City! After that it’s off to a local patio for some tasty food and craft beer.


Flagstaff is one of the snowiest cities in America. Heavy snowfall falls across December through February each year. 2022-23 could mark its fifth-snowiest winter since records began being kept back in 1898.

Current storm has delivered at least a foot of snowfall across much of the high country, providing much-needed replenishment to water supplies when it melts later this spring and summer – especially important in Mogollon Rim regions which were severely drought affected over recent years.

Skiers and snowboarders will also benefit from this record-setting snowfall season, with 19 inches already falling at Arizona Snowbowl Resort this week alone, setting them up for an amazing year at this iconic mountain resort.

Local residents have been enjoying Flagstaff’s winter wonderland, but snow removal services have been kept busy with an overwhelming task: clearing over 700 lane miles, 8 alleys miles, 131 bike lanes miles, 42 miles of FUTS pathways and 27,000 driveways! City equipment must make multiple passes before plowing the roads completely.

Not only has snowfall compounded with high winds made driving conditions treacherous. To stay safe on roadways if at all possible and drive slowly if required.