when will it snow in flagstaff 2022

Flagstaff is a small city located in Coconino County, Arizona that is surrounded by the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the country.

Downtown Bend boasts a mountain town atmosphere, offering both locals and visitors plenty of ways to connect. Heritage Square or Wheeler Park provide community gathering spots; plus there are always plenty of things happening year-round!


Flagstaff is home to the University of Arizona and several government and private research facilities, while also serving as a popular tourist destination due to its four distinct seasons and generally cooler average temperatures (20-30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than Phoenix year-round). It attracts hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, mountain BMXers, mountain climbers, snowboarders and mountain bikers who come for hiking, skiing and mountain biking activities.

Flagstaff has an established tradition of sustainable water management and conservation practices. Flagstaff relies on surface water from Lake Mary and groundwater from various public and private wells for its water supply; in addition, aquifers located beneath Colorado Plateau add extra water sources while Flagstaff’s reclaimed wastewater treatment system further supplements these sources of supply.

City of Flagstaff boasts low population density, high elevation and an affluent economy which makes it attractive to many businesses and services. Due to this combination, Flagstaff boasts a diverse economy which features tourism-based industries due to its location near Grand Canyon National Park, Oak Creek Canyon, and Arizona Snowbowl – three locations which draw in tourists throughout the year.

Local shops provide an impressive range of gifts and souvenirs, ranging from handmade treats and organic clothing to tarot cards and vortex crystals. Many also sell outdoor gear; some host impromptu drum circles with live music. And in winter it’s not unusual for visitors to relax over drinks in restaurants or breweries with outdoor firepits!


Flagstaff is located in Coconino County and features the largest continuous ponderosa pine forest in the US at an altitude of approximately 7,000 feet, providing it with ample natural beauty to draw tourists as well as serving as home base for numerous outdoor mountain businesses.

Flagstaff offers plenty to do during winter in Flagstaff, from enjoying Arizona Snowbowl ski resort’s snow-covered peaks to exploring local restaurants and shops. Many outdoor patio restaurants in Flagstaff allow patrons to fully experience Flagstaff’s cool temperatures and high elevation sun that make this town special.

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Flagstaff does not expect any snowfall before Thursday. Temperatures will stay within the low to mid-30s. There may be frost Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Flagstaff, Arizona was given its name due to a ponderosa pine flagpole created by a scouting party in 1876. Situated on the Colorado Plateau near Mount Elden and San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff is home to many people of Navajo descent as well as Northern Arizona University.

Winter Storm Finch dumped several inches of snow across Flagstaff and high elevation areas across Arizona on Tuesday morning, reducing visibility to under one quarter mile at times due to freezing fog. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport recorded half an inch overnight while a winter weather advisory remains in effect through Wednesday.

This near-record snowfall is beneficial in multiple ways. In particular, it will replenish water runoff quickly while decreasing forest fire danger; furthermore it will extend ski season across the region and keep Mogollon Rim and surrounding high-level terrain covered in snow for much longer, thus decreasing wildfire risk until late summer and fall. Furthermore, this record snowfall will help sustain groundwater supplies at above average levels – something particularly necessary in light of recent drought conditions which have reduced snowpack.


The National Weather Service recently reported that Flagstaff is experiencing one of its five snowiest winter seasons ever seen in history based on snowfall at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport as of Sunday evening.

As of early Monday morning in Arizona’s higher elevation areas, visibility had decreased to less than one mile with snowfall occurring and falling. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning through Tuesday for this area.

Winds are expected to remain gusty throughout the upper and lower mountain regions as well as over the Grand Canyon North Rim through Wednesday, with high-risk of avalanches present in both Coconino and Apache National Forests.

Flagstaff, Prescott and Show Low in Arizona’s northern and central mountains above 5,000 feet have been placed under winter storm watch by the National Weather Service due to heavy snowfall that could create travel issues or cause avalanche problems.

Although this news may come as an unpleasant surprise to residents in the region, winter sports enthusiasts should welcome this development as it will extend the ski season and help replenish a precipitation deficit to reduce forest fire danger until monsoon season arrives later this July.