does it snow in flagstaff

While much attention has been focused on snowy Northeast, Arizona also experiences its fair share of winter weather. On average, Flagstaff ranks amongst the ten snowiest cities nationwide.

City residents see some form of precipitation on an average 83 days each year – including rain, sleet and snowfall. Fort Tuthill County Park becomes an inviting playground where families can go sledding or build snow forts together.


2022-23 was one of the five snowiest meteorological winters since records began back in 1800s.

Snowfall in Flagstaff is often determined by weather patterns in Coconino National Forest nearby, leading to snow cover as early as November or even as late as December.

Major blizzards that deposit over 10 inches of snow in one day tend to occur only rarely each year and transform cities into winter wonderlands perfect for outdoor recreation.

At this time of year, the city is most inundated with skiers and snowboarders visiting to hit the slopes. While locals don’t mind this influx of visitors, their arrival does create logistical issues like traffic jams and limited parking spaces.

Flagstaff offers a far milder climate than Phoenix, making it perfect for those who do not relish scorching desert heat. Temperatures in Flagstaff typically reach the 80s during the summer and provide great patio weather; when fall hits however, the city bursts with vibrant color as the trees begin to change their leaves – creating ideal hiking and mountain biking conditions on trails blanketed in aspen leaves!


Although most people outside Arizona may not think about snow when thinking of Arizona weather, it does snow there! Flagstaff is Arizona’s snowiest major city with 101.7 inches per year of white stuff falling on average; which skiers and snowboarders love but also helps provide needed moisture in arid regions of the state.

Flagstaff usually begins preparing for winter in November as temperatures begin to dip, increasing the likelihood that snowfalls occur at an earlier or later point during this month.

Snowfall during this month tends to be light, typically reaching 1.34 inches on average. This presents local skiers and snowboarders with an incredible opportunity to hit the slopes and experience all that winter has to offer!

Snowfall brings essential moisture to a state’s population and helps alleviate drought conditions. For instance, during one recent drought situation in Colorado, heavy snowfall replenished underground aquifers while contributing to reservoir recovery efforts.

As winter sets in, Flagstaff relies on its snow operations policy to prioritize plowing priorities and set desired time frames for clearing streets. With 700 lane miles, 8 alleys, 131 bike lanes, 270 miles of sidewalk, 42 miles of FUTS routes and 27,000 driveways being maintained by this city; equipment must make multiple passes through these areas to plow all areas thoroughly.

Snow Removal

Flagstaff is an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Situated right in the middle of one of North America’s largest Ponderosa pine forests, Flagstaff serves as an excellent location for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts to hone their skills each winter at Arizona Snowbowl. Flagstaff also provides ample opportunities for relaxing exercise as well as nature exploration via walking or running trails at Coconino National Forest to discover its rich natural beauty and wildlife treasures.

The Museum of Northern Arizona hosts exhibits that honor Native American culture that is so prominent here. You can also gain more insight into its geology by walking a loop at San Francisco Peaks Trail – here, Moenkopi Formation red sandstone was used extensively in many buildings of historic downtown area.

Flagstaff attracts many residents because it offers them an unrivalled outdoor experience, from snow in winter and temperate conditions during summer, to spring blooming with wildflowers – there’s always something beautiful to witness here. Additionally, its higher altitude makes hiking, mountain biking and camping much more comfortable than elsewhere in Arizona; its residents are passionate about protecting the environment and have strong voices when making decisions that affect it.

Winter Activities

Flagstaff stands out among other Southwest destinations thanks to its picturesque pine and mountain scenery, 100+ inches of snowfall annually and winter recreational activities including Arizona Snowbowl ski resort. Additionally, its high elevation creates spectacular winter wonderlands in nearby areas like Grand Canyon & Sedona where seeing red rocks covered by fresh snow is truly an awe-inspiring experience.

Snow draws visitors from around the globe to Flagstaff each winter season to take advantage of Flagstaff’s winter recreation and natural beauty. While locals generally welcome such visits, too many guests can sometimes cause problems such as traffic congestion & crowding at popular outdoor attractions, and shortages at grocery stores & gas stations; as well as limited restaurant seating or parking spaces available.

To avoid these issues, it’s essential to plan ahead when embarking on your snow play experience. Before heading out, consult the Flagstaff Winter Recreation Snowplay Map to understand which areas are open, while always respecting property by not blocking driveways or entrances. Also, bring all necessary supplies such as fully charged cell phone(s), water source, emergency food & clothing supplies as well as extra blankets gloves scarves with you – to stay safe in cold conditions!