how much snow in flagstaff today

Flagstaff, Arizona

This page collects data on when and how much it snows in Flagstaff. This includes monthly and yearly average snowfall amounts as well as how many days each year experience heavy snowfall events and accumulate deep accumulation.

January and February typically experience the heaviest snowfall with average annual accumulations reaching 10 inches or greater.

Snowfall Totals

Flagstaff is an ideal location if you appreciate four distinct seasons and cooler temperatures than Phoenix. Winter in Flagstaff offers breathtaking skiing and snowboarding opportunities as well as simply playing around in the snow!

One of the positive impacts of heavy snow can be found in its ability to reduce drought conditions and allow more people to travel on our highways more freely. Unfortunately, however, its presence has made driving conditions more hazardous for everyone and caused roof collapses as a result of all this snowfall.

This page gathers together all of the data and statistics necessary for understanding when, where and how often it snows in Flagstaff. It includes monthly and yearly counts of days that typically experience snow, along with information about how much falls on those days.

The first snowfall usually arrives late November and lasts into early June on San Francisco Peaks. Major snowstorms with 10″+ of accumulation take place six times annually while most days see at least 1″ on the ground. This website offers links to route maps that demonstrate our First Priority Areas which are plowing more frequently.

Snowfall Forecast

Flagstaff receives an average annual snowfall total of 100 inches; most often in November to March. Being located in a mountain valley also means there may be spring or summer rainfall events.

Weather Conditions: Expect a 30 percent chance of showers after 11pm, with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping down to around 45. Southwest winds between 10-18 mph with gusts up to 29 mph from the south-southwest.

Flagstaff has experienced an exceptional winter this year in Arizona. Thanks to record snowfall accumulation in January alone, Flagstaff was able to keep Mogollon Rim and surrounding high-level terrain covered with ample amounts of fresh snow which will reduce wildfire risk until monsoon rains arrive later this summer.

Additionally, this snow load has proven useful in maintaining an increasingly scarce water supply to communities throughout New England and reducing forest fire season duration until 2023 when another drought period will set in.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that mountain weather can be highly dynamic, meaning snow depth forecasts may not necessarily fall at lower or upper mountain levels as predicted. Therefore, these depths should only be used as an indication of expected skiing conditions for the day rather than as a guarantee.

Snow Removal

Flagstaff offers professional snow removal services to ease the burden of winter storms. These companies can clear driveways, sidewalks and parking spaces as needed for an hourly or daily fee depending on property size and equipment used – some professionals opting for snow blowers instead of shoveling to save money compared to traditional methods of clearing areas.

Snow removal services often include clearing decks, porches and patios of snow accumulation. Furthermore, many businesses provide ice dam removal to break up frozen dams that could allow water leakage into roofs or buildings from above; roofs and decks have a limitless capacity for snow storage and without prompt removal it could collapse entirely.

Interested in snow removal services? Reach out to local companies in order to explore what they offer. Most offer plowing driveways, clearing roofs of snowfall, clearing walkways and driveways and even offering sanding/salting for roads/walkways as services.

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Interested in taking your family sledding this winter in Flagstaff? Various locations around town provide ideal settings. Just ensure you use only safe and appropriate sleds designed specifically for kids. Also consider layering up warm clothing and gloves; additionally never sled near roads where cars will be driving; moreover use one with brakes!

Fort Tuthill Park provides an ideal sledding destination. Open throughout the year, with ample parking space and well-lit fencing, this county park features a spacious sledding hill. In addition, Fort Tuthill also features a new restroom facility and large restroom facilities.

Wing Mountain Snow Play Area in Flagstaff offers another excellent sledding spot, located along Forest Road 749 with multiple pullouts. However, due to its popularity it can become quite crowded at certain times; therefore it would be prudent to visit either early in the morning or on week days for maximum effectiveness.

This near-record snowfall has not only provided plenty of entertainment in northern Arizona, but has also replenished water supplies in Mogollon Rim region, helping reduce wildfire risks up until springtime and beyond. Furthermore, it has extended Flagstaff ski season.