how much snow did flagstaff get last night

Flagstaff, Arizona’s snowiest city, makes winter one of the best times to explore all it has to offer. Enjoy activities galore this season thanks to cool and snowy conditions – you will always find plenty to keep you occupied throughout your visit!

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Flagstaff’s high elevation, sunny days and relatively cool temperatures (20-30 degrees cooler than Phoenix) make it a popular winter sports and recreation destination. Furthermore, it draws outdoor enthusiasts, astronomers and naturalists who appreciate its dark skies and fresh Colorado Plateau air.

Last night’s winter storm brought heavy snowfall to northern Arizona, prompting multiple roads to close in both directions of Interstate 40 from Kingman to Flagstaff and creating traffic delays and long lines of stranded vehicles, according to Arizona Department of Transportation figures. Blue Ridge, Flagstaff and Williams school districts as well as mountain campus classes at Northern Arizona University also closed due to this storm’s effects.

The current snowstorm has brought this season’s total snowfall near record levels, according to National Weather Service records. According to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport records, 2022-23 meteorological winter is the fifth snowiest since records began being kept back in 1880. So far this year, 140.1 inches have fallen since July 1, giving Flagstaff Pulliam Airport second place behind 1948-49’s 153.9-inch total for total accumulation since July 1.

Flagstaff has numerous local organizations dedicated to promoting its dark sky. One is the Flagstaff Star Party, led by Lowell Observatory’s Christian Luginbuhl and Jeff Hall; their series of public events encourage people to take advantage of Flagstaff’s dark skies while learning astronomy. In addition, Luginbuhl oversees the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition which sponsors music, art and theater about Flagstaff’s skies.

Road Conditions

Snowy conditions have transformed northern Arizona mountain areas into winter wonderlands. At its height on Wednesday night, nearly 12 highways were closed during this storm; this list has since decreased as it winds down.

Flagstaff has seen more snowfall this year than it ever did last year, breaking its previous record total and could soon set another all-time snowfall total record for any single season.

If you’re planning on driving to and from Flagstaff this weekend, the National Weather Service in Flagstaff advises drivers to carefully examine road conditions prior to setting off. I-17 north is usually the fastest route between Phoenix and Flagstaff but traffic delays due to accidents, weather or construction can occur regularly and cause long backups along its length.

Nintzel suggests drivers use a navigation app to identify alternate routes that may add more miles but are safer and easier to travel on. Make sure there is plenty of gas in your tank and pack emergency items before beginning their trip. Ensure your car is in good condition before setting out; check tire pressure, engine temperature and fluid levels prior to beginning any long drives; ViaMichelin map and navigation app also takes traffic into consideration when calculating estimated arrival time in Flagstaff.


Snowblowers can be an efficient time-saver that quickly clear your driveway and walkways of snow or debris. But since these machines are large pieces of machinery that should be handled with great care and respect, only experienced individuals should operate them to avoid missteps when starting and using them.

Last night’s snowfall forced more than 12 highways to close at once – including Interstate 40 between Kingman and Flagstaff – until weather conditions subsided. Arizona Department of Transportation crews worked tirelessly to resume traffic flows as soon as conditions allowed.

Flagstaff residents should welcome this relief in snowy conditions; however, more is expected later this week.

Yesterday’s winter storm would have broken a record set in 1948-49 when nearly 154 inches fell in seven months at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.

Snowfall in Flagstaff depends on how often and deep snowstorms strike during any given year, as well as its length. Below are tables showing monthly and yearly counts of snowy days in Flagstaff as well as how deep their depth tends to be.

Getting Around

Winter has struck again and roads throughout the high country are treacherous – particularly around Sedona. ABC15 spoke with ADOT who reported this week.

Flagstaff offers many transportation options, but it’s essential that travelers #KnowSnow before taking to the roads. Make sure that extra blankets, flashlights, water and food are readily available as well as snow gear such as boots gloves hats. Furthermore, higher altitudes require sunscreen use.

Are You Planning on Traveling this Season?? When weather closes an attraction you wanted to visit, always have an alternative activity in mind that can still make the trip enjoyable; such as sledding on local forest roads, playing board games or telling ghost stories around a bonfire.

There are a variety of outdoor shops in town offering snow gear rentals, which you can check online or in person for. Mountain Line public transportation system also runs nine routes within the city and surrounding areas and costs one way adult tickets just $1.25 while day passes cost $2.50; their buses run daily and tickets may be purchased onboard, at their office, or online.